VOLK & ASSOCIATES mission is to ensure the vision you set forth for your future and your family will come true, regardless of the future economy, tax structures, and governmental regulations. Our industry-leading team is built to deliver the financial strategy you put in place today to the generations to come - just as you intended. 



Many of our clients are people who came to us feeling like they had a financial plan in place. "I'm all set," they told us. They had a target amount in mind for their retirement accounts, and had someone managing their investments. 

But when we started to ask crucial questions, they weren't sure how to answer. 

How long does your current plan assume you'll live? And have you taken the proper steps in case you live longer than average?

Northwestern Mutual's research* found that for couples who are both age 65, there's a 50 percent chance that one of them will live to 94, and a 25 percent chance that one will live to 100. Many plans don't take your projected lifespan into account, which can mean that you outlive your money.

What's at stake if you or your spouse has a major health issue?

Health care costs go up dramatically each year -- and many costs, including long-term care services, aren't covered by Medicare or even by private health insurance. Nearly 70 percent** of people who live to at least age 64 will need long-term care at some point. Have you ever considered how much of your assets you could lose?

Are you sure your advisor has the skills you need?

Does your advisor have the qualifications to deal with the unique issues and risks you'll face during your retirement years? And even if they're qualified, do they have access to high-quality financial products in support of the solutions you require?

What's the difference between risk and volatility? And how much risk is in your portfolio?

Nobody can predict how the market will swing. But a downturn -- or even flat performance -- can have a significant impact on how long your money will last. If your advisor doesn't properly manage your portfolio, a market decline after you begin making withdrawals in retirement could result in a shortfall.

Following a financial plan during your working years may get you to retirement -- but getting through retirement requires a completely different kind of plan. 

*Source: Annuity 2012 Table with mortality enhancements determined using projection scale G2
**Source: http://longtermcare.gov/the-basics (2015)

Craig M Volk, RICP®
Wealth Management Advisor

Volk & Associates Wealth Management

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